Axon delivers digital Signange solutions for Customer Centered Organizations.We have over a decade of Experience!

Our model and platform are built to serve those that serve others.

Customer centered solutions

We created our first restaurant “solution” with an industry-leading COO – for his restaurant group. Thus, our first indoor menu board system was built to align with restaurant operations. Unlike most digital signage vendors, we did not have a “solution” in search of a customer. Rather, we had a customer in search of a solution – and we developed our offering accordingly. It makes a big difference!

A single, native, digital platform

Digital solutions for restaurants are expanding rapidly. It is unfortunate, and a bit odd, that each digital product, be it indoor menu boards, outdoor menu boards, promotion boards, ordering kiosks and mobile apps, not to mention the POS system, seems to have its own platform. Our philosophy is to develop each solution based on a common platform. For content changes, service requirements, and the like, doesn’t it make sense to make one change, work with one vendor, make one phone call and pay one monthly bill? We think so!

Innovation when it counts

Customer centered innovations like voice-enabled menu systems take time to mature and adopt. That's why, while we constantly innovate, we critically assess when to bring solutions to market that matter for you, your stores, and your customers. Follow us on Instagram to see what we're up to.

Display Solutions

The Unique Axon Advantage - Service Excellence and Warranty Integration

Unlike other menu board providers, our system configuration allows for rapid, remote troubleshooting and immediate resolution of system upsets, usually within one hour of notification. If your system has a hardware failure, we also handle replacement arrangements and warranty support.

Indoor / Outdoor Displays

We provide excellent menu board displays, players and other hardware, installation, content development, content management software, and hosting.

Installation Network

We have developed a national network of qualified installers. We can quickly and economically, accomplish your installation needs for initial installations and service work.

The One Contact Promise

If your menu board is down for any reason, we are the only contact you will ever have to make. In most cases, our technical team will have your system back on-line within an hour or less. If there is a hardware failure, Axon will arrange immediate replacement hardware so your menu board down time is minimized. Usually, the replacement hardware arrives at your store within 48 hours.

Measurable Results

We can boast an on-line performance rate in excess of 99.9%, excluding hardware failure issues. Nor will you find a better program for quickly replacing failed hardware. We have yet to find a menu board provider that can match our record for reliability.


We look forward to talking more about how we can help you serve others.